Develop an Online Shop

For an e-commerce shop, your website and app can make or break your business. Get your webshop built and optimized by pro-profit experts at B-works who’ll make your grand idea come to life.

Develop an Online Shop

For an e-commerce shop, your website and app can make or break your business. Get your webshop built and optimized by pro-profit experts at B-works who’ll make your grand idea come to life.

High uncertainty on building your web portal? Getting no tangible results?

While working as a marketing executive or any such non-technical role, it can be very difficult to have sufficient technical information to make the best decision for getting your e-commerce webshop built right. With the multitude of technologies and web design agencies available, finding one that fits perfectly with your goals can feel overwhelming. Also, it can be puzzling to pick one agency out of the lot as they all seem to use buzzwords and USPs that sound the same. Moreover, what your IT consultant advises to be the best solution may turn out to be too tedious or unaesthetic for you and your customers. This can get tricky because, in the end, it’s your non-tech savvy customer who’ll be using your e-commerce portal the most.

Got webshop development problems? B-works has webshop development answers.

B-works: Your trusted online shop development partner

With B-works, you get the support of a digital agency that you can trust, be mutually honest with, and find relief in with our proven work experience. Put to rest your concerns about working with the wrong design agency, letting your budget go to waste, and losing your hard-earned reputation. Work for success with an experienced team of designers and developers who create websites and apps that maximize impressions, engagements, and conversions – that you can verify with tangible metrics.

What B-works offers you are the advantages of a partner in crime that you can share your worries and daily challenges with. With us, you have a web design and development company that takes care of all your technical management problems, allowing you the freedom to give more time to the “creative” aspects of things. Work with B-works to have the perfect Web Product Owner by your side that not only supports you, but proactively looks for pragmatic solutions as well.

Have a look at our rich project portfolio to see how we build websites up.

The B-works bonus

Marketing executives choose to go the B-works way because apart from web shop development solutions, we also offer:

  • Full knowledge transfer and training of your internal team
  • Migration of SEO search engine ranking, content and images from your current website or CMS to the latest Drupal version
  • UX and Google Analytics to analyze your current website and derive actionable steps for steady improvement
  • Reliable operation, maintenance and support of your website with up to 4 hours guaranteed response time

Payment Plans



10% reduction if the project budget it paid up front. Interesting for Corporations that need clear budget contingencies.



50% downpayment of project budget. Once the first half is used-up in terms of worked hours, the remainder of the budget is invoiced monthly. Interesting for SMEs who want to optimize liquidity.



We divide 110% of the project budget into 12 convenient monthly payments. Interesting for Start-ups who need to keep their burn rate low and extend the runway.


With B-works, you bear no risk. We play our strengths well and proudly offer our proven services to your company. If you are not satisfied with our service, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

A thorough audit to understand your business goals
A precise shortlist of your project in a discovery phase
Design thinking to understand, define and conceptualize your prototype
Why get your e-commerce shop built by experts?

All over the world, online shopping has become one of the most popular activities today. From a penthouse suite to a nail clipper, you have the power to buy just about anything on the internet. In 2019, retail e-commerce sales worldwide amounted to a staggering 3.53 trillion US dollars, almost double that of the figures three years ago. And by 2023, it is expected to almost double again.

While the motivation to open a webshop can be clear, the logistics involved in getting one up and running aren’t. The ease of adding your favourite products to cart and have them delivered to your doorstep the next day might seem deceptively simple, but it can take several months and years to try and develop a successful e-commerce website from scratch. That is why you need a full-service online agency with experience and expertise in e-commerce web development. That is why you need B-works.

Working with our webshop design and development professionals, you can ensure the quickest and most qualitative route to launching your e-commerce store in full. And with B-works niche digital marketers and SEO experts, you can get yourself well-set for a clear path forward to success.

Online shop development: the B-works way

B-works is a web agency that specializes in helping you navigate the tricky digital jungle. Using UX design that captivates your customer’s imagination, and the right web technologies for a solid foundation to your e-commerce app or site, we build the web store of your dreams that your customers will simply love.

Crafting a digital experience that appeals to your end-user while also minimizing risks is a challenge: a challenge that we’ve undertaken and succeeded in numerous times before. We reduce risk by using experienced, reliable web product owners who, together with creative and web technology specialists, follow a proven approach that has worked successfully across a variety of e-commerce shops. Meanwhile, our online web development team designs creative user interfaces with design thinking, creates websites, web apps and customer-specific business software with agile web development, and optimizes them through the use of analytics, automated marketing, conversion optimization and A/B testing.

We’re looking forward to hearing your million dollar e-commerce idea! Let’s work together.

Our Expertise

01Strategy & Ideation

We help you gain clarity in defining your goals, developing a strategy and determining requirements. Start the implementation phase with a solid base.

  • Analyzing the status quo including internal, and external factors
  • Ideation and shortlisting high-potential innovations in your organization
  • Defining and understanding your business case
  • Positioning and creating a value proposition
  • Defining the innovation roadmap with epics, user stories, and features
  • Creating a project approval documentation including budget and timeline
02User Experience Design

We are skilled in creating human-centered experiences using Design Thinking to develop user-friendly prototypes. After a prototype is developed and tested with real users, we develop the final responsive designs that are built to work fluidly across all devices.

  • Defining customer personas and understanding their needs
  • Crafting empathetic solutions
  • Creating prototypes
  • Validating with lead users
  • Designing the user experience for desktop and mobile devices
03Software and Web Development

We are coding geeks at the core, proudly developing ambitious software, applications, and user-friendly CMS websites with Drupal and WordPress – for both end-users and administrators. At B-works, we are a passionate group of coders who brainstorm and deliver innovative solutions.

  • Defining software architecture
  • Developing front-end and back-end for software applications
  • Developing user-friendly CMS websites with Drupal and Wordpress
  • Developing APIs to external applications
  • Setting up CRM, and ERP
  • Implementing automated testing
04Project Management

We are agile and certified Scrum Product Owners who help you write inspiring user stories, plan, and keep your project on track.

  • Setting-up release plans
  • Writing epics and user stories
  • Sprint planning, review, and retrospective
  • Project progress and budget reporting

We offer proactive and reliable maintenance services to sustain your product quality. After we go live, we ensure that your software application or website stays up to date and safe with the latest security patches, modules, and updates.

  • Automated error logging
  • Proactive security and module updates
  • Regular version updates
  • Ongoing maintenance

How We Help Clients

Symptoms of missing product market fit


IST AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors.


ÖKK is a Swiss insurance with a client base of over 175,000 private individuals and 14,000 companies.


Trading & service company for all things food: from bakery and confectionery to catering and care.

Our Approach

We’re Human Centric

We build digital products that our users love because we genuinely believe that the positive power of technology is transformational.

We’re Full Service

From assessing the market for the best product fit to designing agile business strategies for perpetual success to implementation and execution on the ground - we handle the entire value creation chain of a digital product.

We’re Educators

We give back to the community by educating on the topics of new business model validation and digital product development.

We’re Accountable

We’re not just consultants. We’re not just implementers. We’re seasoned entrepreneurs who work together with faith in each other’s domain experience to give you the accountability you can always count on.


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