Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation consulting, you can rely our considerable experience in various industries, from startups to large corporate companies.

You can rely on our considerable experience in digital transformation consulting in various industries and for all kinds of IT requirements.  We base our approach on carrying out an initial analysis to establish the status quo. Then, we define the various KPIs for your company. We talk to stakeholders and team leaders from the various departments within your company or organization and measure your strengths and possible weaknesses, as well as the risks and opportunities.

Then, we recommend strategies to reach your goals in digital terms. Our hands-on approach means we use a strategic process to implement agile software solutions, which are essential for results-oriented accountability.



Digital Transformation Consulting with KPIs and quality management systems


What’s digital transformation consulting? 

The first step for consulting in digital transformation is to understanding the precise changes that are required and the relevant areas.

So, what does B-works mean by strategic digital consulting?

Strategic digital consulting helps companies to reach their goals faster and more efficiently (i.e. using fewer resources) compared to using traditional methods. We achieve this by analyzing and developing methods of digital transformation for companies, introducing digital products (such as websites and applications).
Successful digital transformation requires three criteria to be met:

  • All employees accept the digital transformation and are clear about the benefits for not only themselves but also for the company in terms of improving the status quo
  • Customers will use their new technologies more frequently than the previous solutions and will find these more useful (faster, more cost-effective and more powerful)
  • A digital transformation will enable companies to sustainably strengthen their core competences (i.e. USP  - Unique Selling Points), expand their geographical range for their business activities and even expand into new business areas

How we operate

Phase 1: Analysis and developing strategies 

The first phase is using the status quo to develop a concept. This concept or strategy document is built on the following:

  • Interviews with internal and external stakeholders
  • Calculating the ‘business affordables’ to establish the available resources for planning, implementation and promotion
  • Generating proactive ideas, checking KPIs and company goals
  • Verifying the technical ecosystem to understand the technical status quo, design the system architecture and developing the software
  • Developing four to six customer personas – these user profiles are the basis for establishing and discussing customer requirements. We then convert these into the right products, services and modifications for your company.


Phase 2: Developing and implementing agile software solutions 

After the initial digital consultation, B-works converts your business requirements into an effective technology architecture. This will support all devices (i.e. desktops, tablets and mobiles), regardless of the operating system. Thanks to our experience with JavaScript Frameworks like AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS, object-based frameworks like Symfony and open-source content management platforms such as Drupal 8, we’re able to develop an effective, secure and easy-to-maintain website or app to take your company forwards.

Phase 3: Data analysis, tracking, continuous improvement and reporting 

We use performance tracking und analytics tools to measure your relevant data, carry out ongoing tests and implement continuous improvement strategies to give you an overview of your business affordables and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).


Phase 4: Handover to your internal team and passing on our knowledge and know-how 

Once the first three phases are complete, we pass our know-how on to you. We focus on providing your internal team with concrete knowledge, data and facts so the handover goes as smoothly as possible.


What tools and method do we use?


Scrum, a tool for agile software development, gives us increased transparency and flexibility for faster development while minimising risks during the development process. Administrative procedures are kept to a minimum so we can adapt quickly to changes and avoid mistakes.


When it comes to design and conception, B-works uses ‘Sketch‘. This is a vector graphic design tool and is ideal for creating web layouts and corporate designs. The customer is presented with all the necessary views and screens on an infinitely large canvas, offering a simple overview of the responsive design and, indeed, the entire project. The effective design measures in this layout program give us a quick and easy overview of the finished pixel graphics, SVG files and CSS styles to implement for your app and web development needs.


The InVision platform allows our UX designers to share Sketch prototypes with our customers. We can synchronise various artboards with these prototypes so customers can see the work of the designers, stay up-to-date with changes and add their own ideas in this interactive process.


To analyse online behavior and feedback from website users, our UX agency uses ‘Hotjar‘. This complete system combines analysis with feedback and gives us an overall picture. Therefore, we can find out how to make visiting a website more enjoyable and improve performance. On the one hand, this measures user behavior and, on the other hand, the feedback tool gives us the chance to find out what users are saying. This combination is particularly important for a newly-launched website, but can also be used to target existing pages or digital products.



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