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B-works is a cohort of Digital Strategy Consultants, Digital Implementation Experts, and Data-Driven Business Experts who fluidly combine their niche domain experiences to create user-centric digital products and services.

  • 01We help you build the right product for the right customer by our three-pronged approach: discovering new business models by design thinking; building digital products with agile software development, and validating them in the market by measuring value-based KPIs with Lean Start-up.
  • 02We address and solve the three main factors why new business models fail: No product-market fit, running out of budget, and not having the right team or processes. We do this by creating a new product or improving your existing service through our thorough three-fold approach: doing everything from inception, implementation, all through to validation

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Find out how we can help you find Product Market Fit:

Lack of innovation? Unreliable frameworks? Poor end results? Not any more.

Are You Missing The Right Business Model?

Business executives and technology heads like CDOs face a tough question every quarter: are the innovation targets being met? Without the right technology, and the right people to find it, your customers can be quickly losing interest in buying your product.

Facing a drought of radical new innovations?
It can be tough to choose a tailored solution from the never-ending ocean of new technology.
Getting no tangible results?
No solid KPIs to track and measure progress means no solid outcomes.
Budget responsibilities weighing heavy?
It can be frustrating to simply not have the money to fuel innovation.
No proven experts with proven frameworks?
It’s time to get yourself a service world-class in exploring, ideating and validating new business models.

No partner in crime to confide in?
What you want for is an agency that not only specializes in technical support, but proactively looks for pragmatic solutions too.

No competent team of innovation scouts?

An interdepartmental innovation super-hub is the answer you’re looking for.

Our Expertise

01User Experience Design

  • Defining customer personas and understanding their needs
  • Crafting empathetic solutions
  • Creating prototypes
  • Validating with lead users
  • Designing the user experience for desktop and mobile devices

A few of our delighted customers

Why work with B-works?

There’s more than one reason why clients love to work with us. We walk the walk.


We don't make any risky promises on success. Our promise is on applying a proven framework that combines discovery, inception and validation in the quickest, most resource-intensive way.


Founders, investors and managers have no provider in the market that addresses the main reason why ventures fail. We do. It’s not having the appropriate product-market fit, running out of budget, and not having the right team and processes. We help you with all three.


We don’t just work hard, we work smart. After researching countless business models over several years, we boiled product success down to two aspects - an innate focus on a sharp USP, and an obsession with solving customer problems. Our XP helps you tackle both head-on.


Not just consultants. Not just implementers. Not just C-suite. Not just startups. From inception to implementation all the way to validation - we hold ourselves accountable for the entire lifecycle of your digital product. We conceptualize, consult, follow-up, deliver, and validate.


When it comes to planning, development and evaluation - we don’t leave anything to chance. We adhere to proven processes & strategies step-by-step, while always being agile to change. We track true KPI by not measuring our output (efficiency), but by accounting for end-user value (effectiveness).


Value stacking and upselling invariably make buying your product seem irresistible, but the key is to know when. We carefully monitor the market for the right opportunity, and when your prospect is hot, we offer a complimentary product/service that will dramatically increase your conversions & profit.



IST AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors.


ÖKK is a Swiss insurance with a client base of over 175,000 private individuals and 14,000 companies.


Trading & service company for all things food: from bakery and confectionery to catering and care.




10% reduction if the project budget it paid up. Interesting for Corporations that need clear budget contingencies.



50% downpayment of project budget. Once the first half is used-up in terms of worked hours, the remainder of the budget is invoiced monthly. Interesting for SMEs who want to optimize liquidity.



We divide 110% of the project budget into 12 convenient monthly payments. Interesting for Start-ups who need to keep their burn rate low and extend the runway.

Our Guarantee

With B-works, you bear no risk. We play our strengths well and proudly offer our proven services to your company. If you are not satisfied with our service, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

A thorough audit to understand your business goals
A precise shortlist of your project in a discovery phase
Design thinking to understand, define and conceptualize your prototype


Proven frameworks, resource-intensive development, industry experts = no brainer.

Ready to uplevel your customer ROI?