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We use modern web technologies to develop captivating web experiences that delight customers and achieve business goals.

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A website project can be a significant challenge for companies today. The digitization accelerated by COVID-19 has shown that websites are becoming increasingly important as a central collaboration platform for employees, as a marketing tool, and as a sales channel. All the more so when traditional, location-based marketing measures such as trade fairs lose their impact. It’s a matter of optimizing resources, being available regardless of location and opening hours, and scaling potential. We reduce risks by considering strategy, project management, conception, software development, content, SEO, and marketing holistically for each project. In doing so, we assemble a dedicated team of specialists with industry experience for each project, led by an experienced project manager as the customer’s single point of contact.

We use design thinking to explore the needs of your customer groups and to validate them with data. From this, we create design prototypes, which we test with real people. Based on these findings, we use modern web technologies to develop a state-of-the-art responsive website, works on all devices, and is aligned with your business goals.

We develop the requirements for the website from the needs of your company’s target groups. We estimate the implementation based on the effort required for similar work packages from previous projects in the past. This results in a budget for each of these user stories. The user stories are prioritized in terms of business value and then divided into milestones with a corresponding budget. In this way, we reliably divide each project into modules in terms of implementation time and costs, and the first version of the new website can go live after just a few weeks.

From the start of the project, a dedicated, experienced project manager accompanies you as the single point of contact. The project manager defines the requirements, translates them into work packages for our project team, and creates the project, time, and resource plan agreed with you. During the project, 30-minute status updates on current progress take place every two weeks. We proactively point out potential blockers or risks in the project to identify and resolve them early on during this recurring meeting. At the beginning of each month, you will receive a monthly budget report with an overview of the hours worked.

In the first joint workshop and throughout the collaboration, our project manager will listen to you to translate your ideas and suggestions into concrete measures and user stories for implementation. Before implementation, these user stories, or designs, will be handed over to you for acceptance. We always include two feedback loops in the time and budget planning of our projects.

Depending on the project requirements and whether you have a preference, we develop the content management system using the proven CMS Drupal, Laravel, or WordPress. The user-friendliness of the CMS is a standard requirement for us: we take it into account in the set-up of the dashboard and interface, which can be customized according to your wishes and needs. The CMS we develop allows the independent creation of new pages and the adaptation of content, images, and videos without relying on a developer. The introduction and the know-how transfer take place during training. Afterward, you will receive a user manual on request.

We cover the areas of strategy consulting, ideation and conception, project management, user experience design, software development, SEO, and digital marketing, for each of which we assemble specialists with relevant experience. For branding and marketing campaigns that are not part of our core competence, we work with trusted partners with whom we are already familiar and for whom we can assume overall project management as a single point of contact within the project. Contracts are concluded, and invoicing is done transparently and directly with the service provider.

Our Expertise

01 Strategy & Ideation

02 User Experience Design

03 Web and CMS Development

04 Project Management

Software Website Wartung

05 Maintenance and SLA

You are in good company

Why B-works?

We are not just consultants. As Scrum-certified experts, we work in an agile manner and develop customer-oriented web platforms. In doing so, we draw on both our specialists and a network of proven experts in their field.

Drupal association organization member b-works
Best of Swiss Web B-works

Drupal Association Member​

We are proud sponsors of the Drupal Association as Organization Member.

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Our project managers and software developers are Scrum-certified and work in an agile manner.

Nominated for Best of Swiss Web

We have been nominated in multiple categories including innovation and business.

Payment Plans

For Corporations

that need clear budget contingencies
10% price reduction if the budget is paid up front.
  • Monthly time and budget reporting
  • Dedicated certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Transparent progress reports
  • Sprint review every 2 weeks
  • Ongoing handover of completed work packages

For SMEs

that want to optimize liquidity
50% downpayment of the project budget. Once the first half is used-up in terms of worked hours, the remainder of the budget is invoiced monthly.
  • Monthly time and budget reporting
  • Dedicated certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Transparent progress reports
  • Sprint review every 2 weeks
  • Ongoing handover of completed work packages

For Start-Ups

that need to keep their burn rate low and extend their runway
We divide 110% of the project budget into 12 monthly payments.
  • Monthly time and budget reporting
  • Dedicated certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Transparent progress reports
  • Sprint review every 2 weeks
  • Ongoing handover of completed work packages

Our Guarantee

We will give you an honest and transparent assessment of your project. If you are not satisfied with our performance, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first month.

Proven development frameworks, dedicated client manager, experienced team. We are B-works: with offices in Zurich and Berlin

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