Industry 4.0 Management Consultancy

The only constant is change. Let us help you transform your business with the technology and talent that is right for you.

Industry 4.0 Management Consultancy

The only constant is change. Let us help you transform your business with the technology and talent that is right for you.

What is Industry 4.0 Management Consulting?

The advent of the internet has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. How we produce products has transformed tremendously, ever since manufacturing has been digitized. In fact, this transformation is so big that we’re calling 21st-century industrial landscape Industry 4.0, which represents the fourth industrial revolution of the manufacturing domain. The mechanization of industry through steam water with the first industrial revolution, and mass production using electricity in the second, has now become the power of computation and automation in Industry 4.0. With revolutionary modern tech like artificial intelligence and cloud computing now an integral part of our every day lives, the efficient management of this life-enhancing innovation has become imperative.

For entrepreneurs and future-movers all over the world, Industry 4.0 Management Consulting is becoming increasingly essential. It can significantly impact your business by employing new talent and knowledge best adapted to your unique use case, and utilizing smart machines to drastically improve work processes. Here are a few ways Industry 4.0 Management Consulting is changing the world:

  • Identifying opportunities and loopholes - Modern machines can collect, process, and analyze tremendous amounts of data to identify harmful patterns and give valuable insights in days that’d take humans centuries. With Industry 4.0, you can optimize your operations quickly and efficiently by knowing what needs attention.
  • Bolster logistics and supply chains - A supply chain that is well connected at every step can acclimate as a whole to new information presented faster than ever before. For example, if bad weather conditions delay a shipment, your supply chain management can automatically adjust and modify manufacturing priorities accordingly.
  • Internet of Things and the cloud: A revolutionary aspect of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things that allows different types of devices to talk to each other. Pair this with the power of cloud storage, another key aspect of 4.0 management, and your equipment and operations can be optimized to a degree that was unimaginable before.
How the digital strategy experts at B-works pave your future
PHASE 1: Analysis and Strategy Development

In the first phase, we determine your status quo and come up with concepts that represent your business vision. This strategy ideation is the result of the following activities:

  • Interviewing internal and external stakeholders to understand their needs and expectations.
  • Calculating business affordables to find out what pro-budget resources are available for planning, implementation, and funding.
  • Proactively generating, validating, and defining the company's KPIs and goals.
  • Scoping the technical ecosystem to understand the technological status quo, design the system architecture, and devise an implementation plan for your digital transformation
  • Developing four to six customer personas - these customer personas are used to precisely discuss the user profiles and requirements of the customers so that they can be implemented unanimously in products, services or adaptations to the company
PHASE 2: Implementation with User Experience Design and Agile Software Development

After the initial consultation on digital transformation, B-works translates your business requirements into a human-centric user experience, combined with an underlying technology architecture that convinces on all devices (desktop, tablet and mobile), regardless of the operating system. Thanks to our experience with state of the art software frameworks including JavaScript (AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS), object-based frameworks (Symfony), and open-source content management platforms (Drupal 8 and WordPress), we develop a robust, secure and easy-to-maintain software application or website that will empower your organization through scalable technology.

PHASE 3: Data Analysis, KPI Tracking, Iterative Improvements And Reporting

Through powerful performance tracking tools and analytics, we measure the data relevant to achieving your goals. We then continuously test and improve iteratively, and report the results to provide you with a management cockpit for implementing the strategy and for keeping track of the implemented measures.

PHASE 4: Knowledge Transfer

In parallel to the above three phases, we do a complete knowledge transfer to your organization and your team. We take care to provide your team with useful knowledge, data and facts to make the transfer as clear and successful as possible, to ensure that your ROI includes building up know-how and skills internally for a sustainable effect.

All set to reform your business with skilled industry 4.0 management professionals? Let’s work together.

Why B-works?

As a C-suite or top-level executive, you might be very interested in digital transformation and disruptive innovation, but don’t have time to dabble in the technological details. You might feel eager to implement the business model that exciting new technology enables, but not feel sure what’s the best way to go about it. Do you find yourself spending millions every year on top tier strategy consultants yet still feeling you are not getting tangible results? Are you tired of status quo consultants with no success record in the industry, who label themselves as innovation experts but fail to be accountable for measurable results? Are you worried about low profitability and high client churn due to an outdated business model? Looking for a new USP, and sharp positioning that gives you a clear advantage over the competition?

Then B-works is the digital strategy agency you are looking for. We are your innovation and business creation lab with a proven track record of developing digital products, validating them with tangible KPIs, and successfully churning them out on the market. As a digital consultancy with expertise in business strategy, you can draw on our wealth of experience as advice for digital transformation across industries and IT challenges. We understand your status quo, determine performance metrics of the utmost relevance to your company, then formulate a best-fit strategy to achieve your goals digitally. With our hands-on approach, we follow the strategy process from inception to implementation all through to validation. We are your innovator, doer, and prover, all combined into one ultimate digital solution – with strong tactics and more reliable KPIs. Choose B-works as your digital strategy consulting firm and work alongside us to define a high-impact business model that is driven by the power of the digital transformation, builds on your organization’s strengths, and enables current and future customers.

Our Expertise

01Strategy & Ideation

We help you gain clarity in defining your goals, developing a strategy and determining requirements. Start the implementation phase with a solid base.

  • Analyzing the status quo including internal, and external factors
  • Ideation and shortlisting high-potential innovations in your organization
  • Defining and understanding your business case
  • Positioning and creating a value proposition
  • Defining the innovation roadmap with epics, user stories, and features
  • Creating a project approval documentation including budget and timeline
02User Experience Design

We are skilled in creating human-centered experiences using Design Thinking to develop user-friendly prototypes. After a prototype is developed and tested with real users, we develop the final responsive designs that are built to work fluidly across all devices.

  • Defining customer personas and understanding their needs
  • Crafting empathetic solutions
  • Creating prototypes
  • Validating with lead users
  • Designing the user experience for desktop and mobile devices
03Software and Web Development

We are coding geeks at the core, proudly developing ambitious software, applications, and user-friendly CMS websites with Drupal and WordPress – for both end-users and administrators. At B-works, we are a passionate group of coders who brainstorm and deliver innovative solutions.

  • Defining software architecture
  • Developing front-end and back-end for software applications
  • Developing user-friendly CMS websites with Drupal and Wordpress
  • Developing APIs to external applications
  • Setting up CRM, and ERP
  • Implementing automated testing
04Project Management

We are agile and certified Scrum Product Owners who help you write inspiring user stories, plan, and keep your project on track.

  • Setting-up release plans
  • Writing epics and user stories
  • Sprint planning, review, and retrospective
  • Project progress and budget reporting

We offer proactive and reliable maintenance services to sustain your product quality. After we go live, we ensure that your software application or website stays up to date and safe with the latest security patches, modules, and updates.

  • Automated error logging
  • Proactive security and module updates
  • Regular version updates
  • Ongoing maintenance

How We Help Clients

Symptoms of missing product market fit


IST AG is one of the leading manufacturers of physical, chemical and biological sensors.


ÖKK is a Swiss insurance with a client base of over 175,000 private individuals and 14,000 companies.


Trading & service company for all things food: from bakery and confectionery to catering and care.

Our Approach

We’re Human Centric

We build digital products that our users love because we genuinely believe that the positive power of technology is transformational.

We’re Full Service

From assessing the market for the best product fit to designing agile business strategies for perpetual success to implementation and execution on the ground - we handle the entire value creation chain of a digital product.

We’re Educators

We give back to the community by educating on the topics of new business model validation and digital product development.

We’re Accountable

We’re not just consultants. We’re not just implementers. We’re seasoned entrepreneurs who work together with faith in each other’s domain experience to give you the accountability you can always count on.


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