Our Specialities

What drives your brand? What makes a technology platform great? How do we design a digital product that users love to engage with? How do we promote it? 

We ask the questions first to find the answers, relying on over 60 years of combined digital experience.

  • UX, Web and Responsive Design

    Crafting a digital experience that engages users. Propel your brand through clear design, call to action and visual communication that sticks.


    • User Experience and Service Design
    • Responsive Mobile and Web Design
    • Conversion Optimization
    • Usability Analysis and Consulting
  • Web and App Development

    Power your brand with robust technology that drives business growth in a dynamic digital environment. We translate your business needs to powerful technology architecture that scales across all devices. Using our experience with the latest JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS and object-based frameworks like Symfony and open-source platforms like Drupal 8 we will develop a powerful, safe and easy to maintain technology engine that powers your business.

  • E-Commerce

    Setting up an E-Commerce platform that is more than just an online shop. We start by laying out the ground work, understanding your customer needs, your value proposition and the economics to outline, plan and implement a technology integration to drive your business engine.


    • Web and mobile commerce
    • Supply chain integration
    • Payment integration
    • CRM and CMS set-up
    • Data analysis
    • Internet marketing
  • Drupal Development

    B-Works is specialized on Drupal 8. Drupal 8's foundation on Symfony and object oriented programming (OOP) makes Drupal accessible to wide range of programmers, thus making it attractive both as an open-source content management system (CMS) for technology providers like B-Works, as well as for clients who will be the end users of the web or mobile project.


    • Drupal 8
    • Setting up Drupal as a Content Management System
    • Migrating Drupal 7 to Drupal 8
  • Chatbot Development

    We develop chatbots - one of the hottest trends in technology. Chatbots are used in messaging apps (the user's preferred environment), communicate with the user in natural language, understand and do what the user wants by activating a range of connected services. Facebook Messenger, Skype and other messaging platforms are pushing chatbots as a personal assistant. Chatbots give direct feedback, are based on artificial intelligence (AI) and cater to an ever-growing demand in a personalized purchasing and customer experience. 


  • Web and Technology consulting

    We bring our experience from different industries and IT challenges to your company. Our approach starts with the analysis to understand the status quo. We talk to both stakeholders and team members across departments in your organization, gauge the strengths and potential weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats for your business. Next, together with your team of stakeholders, we derive recommendations and a strategy to achieve your goals. With our hands-on approach we follow-up the strategy process with implementation - essential for results-driven accountability.

  • Start-up Cto

    We serve as interim CTO to high-potential start-ups, help them with the IT architecture and development set-up, outline the technology and scalability roadmap and help on-board a technical team until the start-up has a solid technical in-house tech-team. We may invest sweat for equity on high-potential start-ups with outstanding founders, proving to show high motivation and dedication.

  • Storytelling, Online Marketing and Performance Tracking

    Writing captivating copy that tells your story. Show the world who you are and the WHY behind your company mission. We craft carefully researched text that speaks your language and addresses your target audience. Through digital marketing channels we drive both branding and direct marketing (conversion, lead generation, traffic) campaigns to raise awareness and to achieve your marketing goals. Through performance tracking and analytics, we measure all data, to continuously test and improve on what works and to give you an overview of your business affordables and KPIs.