Support as StartUp CTO for Founders

B-works is a strong partner and offers support for startup founders

We're your technology partner and will support you to help you become more efficient and make progress. Using our experience in the startup world using lean startup methods, we can offer you the best advice and support. We'll support you as a CTO when it comes to your IT, website and app MVPs. We use agile methods from the design to the development phase and right through to marketing. As CTO for startups, we support projects that last at least 100 man-days with a team that has the right competencies and relevant project experience.


Support as Start-Up CTO strategic consultancy & technical experts who are goal oriented

How can B-works support my company?

  • When it's a good idea to use independent strategic consultancy with a focus on digital transformation and strategic implementation
  • If you are looking for a technical expert and sparring partner with whom you can exchange information and someone who'll offer you all-round support
  • If your startup's internal resources are at full capacity through your daily business needs, yet you still need to work on your digitisation to optimise your performance as quickly and effectively as possible 
  • If you are looking for a digital specialist for your startup in the shape of a motivated and goal-oriented company to work alongside you. 

What project experience does B-works have?

When it comes to StartUps, B-works can contribute experience on two levels: Our past project experience means we can act as an interim CTO for StartUp founders. We can also contribute our own experiences in the StartUp world with the concept of the lean StartUp. This principle describes starting a business with as little capital as possible. This doesn't focus on long-term initial planning, but rather on early market entry along with step-by-step learning-by-doing and detailed customer feedback. We can show you our approach in detail through our past projects and relevant case studies. 

When working with StartUps, from the outset, we want to get to know the founding team and your StartUp business so we can understand your short, medium and long term goals and visions, as well as your ideas. At B-works, we sign a confidentiality agreement at this stage. So, you can rest assured that your ideas are in safe hands and will remain completely yours. 

We work with you to define a project budget, develop an MVP and an initial marketable version. Then we determine the first GO live date for the MVP and the first market launch.


When we support founders as a StartUp CTO, we generally divide the project into four phases:

Phase 1: Analysis and strategic development 

We define the technical starting position, calculate business affordables, generate proactive ideas, KPIs and goals for the start-up. In addition, we create four to six customer personas to determine the use and requirements of your customers.

Phase 2: Implementation and developing software solutions

In this second phase, we develop a powerful technology architecture. We work with JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS and object-based frameworks like Symfony. We build the website or application for your startup using open source platforms such as Drupal 8 to deliver a powerful, secure and easy-to-maintain product. 

Phase 3: Data analysis, tracking and reporting

After implementation, we perform a continuous data analysis and track performance of your website or application to uncover the data that's relevant for you. This procedure provides an overview of the results and enables us to make continuous improvements.

Phase 4: Handover to your internal team and knowledge transfer

We support your startup until the time you can stand on your own feet with your internal team. Consequently, one of our tasks is to pass on our know-how to you by providing your team with concrete data and facts for a successful handover.


Take a look at our case studies for an example of how we work:

The Cosmobutler project

After creating the customer personas and setting up detailed user testing, we applied specific UX techniques to create a modern, user-friendly front-end website and app that allows end users to place an order with just a few clicks. The back-end was developed with Drupal 8 as a reliable and scalable CMS that connects to both the CRM, the delivery app and the vendor IT platform.


Which services does B-works specialize in?

As a full service agency, over the years, B-works has specialized in a number of targeted services. This includes support for start-ups by acting as a CTO and supporting you with your initial strategies from the design phase right through to development, marketing and analytical evaluation. 

Combining these areas is particularly useful for startups. We take care of everything from consulting on digitisation to the development of your website or application right through to marketing and precise analysis. B-works also provides startups with technical features such as developing unique online shops, creating chatbots and virtual voice-controlled assistants and offering specialist advice and support. Our aim is to make all products easy to understand and user-friendly. We use meaningful marketing strategies that users can easily grasp and take on board. 

B-works operates by using proven technologies and methods that we've relied on in our past projects. Our developers use the CMS system Drupal 8 and Github as code repository when collaborating on projects. They work with JavaScript (AngularJS and VueJS) for the frontend and PHP and Laravel for the backend. The designers at B-works mainly work with Sketch and Invision for interactive prototypes. We use Jira-Tickting, Agile and Scrum for our project management.


How other CTOs have found B-works in the past:

  • Through recommendations from colleagues in their network
  • Through our events 
  • Through trade shows
  • Through LinkedIn
  • Through press articles about B-works

Individual services we offer for CTOs:

Who to contact at B-works:


Your digital solutions contact at B-works is Alex Benincà.

As managing director, he has many years' experience in this field, as well as more than 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing digital projects. 



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