Support for CEOs in digital transformation

Goal-oriented support for digital strategies 

As digital mentors, we’ll actively support you and your company to increase efficiency and help you progress. In addition, we place great importance on being your trustworthy partner and industry expert, supporting you in the event of any difficulties in all areas of digital transformation: From strategic development to implementation and reporting, we're reliable mentors who stand by the side of our customers. We're completely at home in a fast-moving technological and business environment, which means we’re ideally placed to advise and support you, as well as support CEOs. At B-works, efficiency is a top priority: That's why we attach particular importance to successful time and budget management.


B-worksals Partner und Unterstützung für CEOs

When is it a good idea to enlist the help of B-works for my company?

  • We’ll help when you need independent strategic consulting with a focus on digitalization and experience in implementing your strategies
  • We’re there when you need a strong team with specialized competencies and several years of experience in the same or different industries. We can complement your internal competencies and contribute to your business through efficient knowledge transfer
  • If your company's internal resources are stretched to full capacity by your daily business needs, we’re here to help you with the digitalization measures you still have to implement within a guaranteed deadline
  • We can help when digital specialists need to be deployed at short notice for the design, strategic development or implementation phases

What project experience does B-works have?

Our concrete experience counts when working with and supporting CEOs. Therefore, based on previous projects, we can show you how quickly we work and our final successful outcomes. We can also demonstrate the structure we use and subsequent delivery to an in-house team. As an external project partner, we can contribute an objective perspective and work within your time and budget constraints while focusing on your goals. CEOs will always remain in a position of independence because B-works uses OpenSource. So, you don't have to pay any licensing fees. Also, we carefully document the codes we use to guarantee these won’t be lost in the event of a transfer.


Find out more about the exact procedures and processes we use at B-works:

The Pistor project 

For this project, we developed and relaunched the website for Pistor AG using Drupal 8 as the CMS. We created custom website modules, as well as event and search applications. The backend was connected to a separate frontend using a RESTful API. In addition, three existing Pistor websites were merged into one and over 20,000 company webpages were migrated to


The Cosmobutler project 

The Cosmobutler project created a user-friendly frontend page and an app, so users can place orders in just a few clicks. We used various UX techniques and adapted these to suit various customer personas. Our developers created the backend with the secure Drupal 8 system. This enabled both the service provider app and the supplier app to be connected via Drupal 8.


Which services does B-works specialize in?

Web and application development 

  • Consultancy for strategic digital transformation (including strategic development)
  • Drupal development
  • UX, web and responsive design
  • Storytelling, online marketing and performance tracking
  • E-commerce
  • CTO for startups
  • Voice-operated virtual assistants and chatbots

We use the following technologies and methods:

  • Sketch for design
  • Invision for interactive prototypes
  • Agile and Scrum
  • Jira for ticketing and reporting
  • Github as a code repository
  • CMS - Drupal 8
  • Javascript for the frontend:
    • Angular JS
    • VueJS
  • For the backend:
    • PHP
    • Laravel


How other CEOs have found B-works in the past:

  • Through recommendations from other CEOs within their network
  • Through our events 
  • Through trade shows
  • Through LinkedIn
  • Through articles about B-works in the press

Who to contact at B-works:


Your contact for digital strategic consulting at B-works is Alex Benincà.

As the Managing Director of B-works, he brings many years of experience in strategic consultancy for large international corporations, as well as over 10 years of experience in designing and implementing digital projects.