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We're creative and innovative experts with well-founded technical experience. We can actively support you in designing and implementing your digital projects. This will help to increase your efficiency and move your business forwards. Moreover, it's important to us to get the best results for your project while working within your budget.


Support for Marketing Executives Innovation Creativity for excellent Project Management

How is B-works able to support my company?

  • We can support you when you're looking for an experienced agency that combines innovative design with user-friendliness and marketing
  • We offer creative project support, as well as technical experts to implement your ideas
  • We can reliably handle your project management, allowing you to concentrate on creative matters and the day-to-day running of your business 
  • We'll create a convincing, modern and fresh design with top functionality and ease of use
  • We're here to provide optimal, secure and practical solutions that will play a pivotal role in interfacing between marketing and digital business areas
  • We'll help you to avoid risks, sticking to your timescales and budgets

What project experience does B-works have?

B-works brings concrete experience to supporting and collaborating with marketing executives. Based on our previous successful projects, we can show you our specific approach and the procedures and processes we use. Basically, we place great importance on managing the technical side to put your creative ideas in motion! 

In addition, B-works has a proven track record of taking over your project management so that everyone involved can fully focus on their own areas. We organize our project management using Agile and Scrum so you always have an insight into all areas. This means your company will always know what stage your project has reached. Also, our teams never lose sight of the overall objectives. Since we also have an in-house marketing team, we can call upon its support to assist you where necessary. We're completely at home in a fast-paced technological and business world and we know how to work within time and budget constraints.


Find out more about the precise approach and the processes we use at B-works:

The Case Study to the Chalet Grumer Project

As part of supporting the marketing team for this project, B-works defined customer personas for the Chalet Grumer to reflect the needs and preferences of their guests. Then, we developed an appealing design for the website, one that was easy to grasp in terms of corporate identity and particularly for users. After an extensive 2-week keyword research phase in German, Italian and English, the website was developed from Sketch design files with Drupal 8 as the content management system. This was connected to the ASA property management system and the Simple Booking channel manager. This project has an ongoing content marketing plan in place, which includes writing weekly news articles and providing up-to-date information on events and activities in and around the chalet.


Which services does B-works specialize in?

Over the years, B-works has developed into a full-service agency, focusing on a number of specific services. These include the initial stages of consultancy for digital transformation and strategic development. When it comes to technical matters, our developers specialize in web and application development, mainly using Drupal 8 and creating online shops, chatbots and virtual voice-controlled assistants for Alexa or Siri. Our team mostly works with Drupal as a CMS and Github as a code repository (AngularJS+VueJS for the frontend and PHP+Laravel for the backend). 

In addition, we can act as a CTO for StartUps. Using Sketch, our designers create a UX-friendly web and responsive design. Our in-house marketing department takes care of storytelling, content and online marketing, as well as performance tracking. When it comes to project management, we mainly work with Agile and Scrum, as well as Jira for planning.


How other digital managers have found B-works so far:

  • Through recommendations from colleagues in their network
  • Through our events 
  • Through trade shows
  • Through LinkedIn or other social media platforms
  • Through articles about B-works in the press

Special services we offer for Marketing Experts:

Who to contact at B-works:


Your contact for launching your project with B-works is Alex Benincà.

As Managing Director, he has many years of experience in this field, as well as more than 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing digital projects. 



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