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Our UX Agency simplifies complex requirements

Boost your success with a clear design, distinct call-to-actions (CTAs) and visual communication, resulting in simplicity, precision and ease of use. We’re a UX agency that ensures every web design is user-friendly and convincing, including for mobile devices. This means we help to optimize your targets (conversions) and consistently analyse data to never lose sight of your goals.



UX Design for great User Experience Mobile First Online Solutions

About UX design and what you need to know 

Visitors to your website or application should always have an enjoyable experience. However, they also need to have complete faith in the quality of your products and services. That’s why we place your products or services at the top of our priorities. To help you reach your goals, we optimize the design of your site or app, ensuring nothing can stand in the way of delivering the best user experience to your visitors.

UX design goes one step further than traditional web design by combining visual elements with usability and functionality. It’s critical to understand the end user’s precise expectations and needs. That's why we start the entire UX process with detailed user research because just having a great design on its own has a limited appeal to end users. Based on our user research, our UX designers create prototypes, which are continuously tested by real end-users.
We continuously implement the feedback we get from these users during the development process. This ensures the end product not only benefits from an engaging design but also delivers a great UX.

A successful UX design promotes high-quality customer interaction and enhances the way that products and services are perceived. What’s more, you’ll benefit from higher levels of customer satisfaction, fewer misunderstandings, and ultimately, a better working relationship between your business and the customer.


Setting meaningful goals

When our UX agency starts collaborating with you, our first step is always the same: we sit down and define the targeted actions you want your customers to perform. For example, completing a purchase, acquiring an e-mail address or even engaging with media on your site. Of course, these actions will vary according to your business model. The process is important to ensure that everyone involved in the project has the same goals in sight. We prioritise these various goals and divide them up as part of a step-by-step process. We also define the final project target. Each goal is divided into intermediate stages along the way, allowing us to meet interim targets.


Creating appealing websites and responsive UX designs

Once we’ve helped your business to define the actions you want to achieve, we create four to six customer personas who will represent the typical demographics, behaviour and personality types of the customers you want to target. This highly relevant information is of great value to us. Homing in on your unique and detailed information for the various stages of the buying process is of particular importance. This allows us to maximize your business potential. 

We can then determine the content, design and requirements in terms of functions when creating a series of UX models, known as mock ups. Using these site mock ups, designers, developers and testers taking on the role of the customer ensure that the design, features and content all reflect your business values. Whether your site is being designed for a desktop or mobile device (responsive design), we pay particular attention to creating an appealing aesthetic.
A convincing design is one that impresses customers with its user-friendliness and functionality, while optimizing the number of target actions that users will carry out.

You can find out more about this process in our blog post on Conversion Optimization.


Choosing the best tools and how we use them



At B-works, we work with a program called 'Sketch' to create our web designs. Our UI and app designers really like this program because it features device-independent pixels. This means that app designs can be scaled up or down for both iOS and Android devices. Also, the program has a range of options so it can be used with Photoshop. 


UX designers use InVision to share clickable prototypes created in Sketch (click dummies) with our customers. We synchronise these prototypes with individual artboards so that you, the customer, get an insight into the designer’s work, allowing us to integrate your requirements.


Our UX agency uses 'Hotjar' to analyse online behaviour and gather feedback from visitors to your site. This integral system uses a combination of analysis and feedback to give us an overall picture. Therefore, we can work out what we need to do to make websites more enjoyable for visitors, improving performance and conversion rates.User behaviour is measured and the feedback tool allows us to see what users are saying. This combination is ideal for newly-created websites but can also be of use for those that are already up and running.