We validate ideas for sustainable, profitable business models, and develop digital products, and web experiences

Business and Creativity combined with Tech expertise for Digital Innovation



We are what we do: Innovation starts with a question no one has asked yet

It is not enough for us to develop products that work, that are intuitive and user-friendly. We need to create products that bring emotion, joy, and fun, and, yes, beauty into people's lives. Creativity means formulating a question that no one has asked before. If you pose a singular question, the answer you get will inevitably be unique. 

B-works combines expertise in the areas of business, creativity, and technology. This enables us to validate innovative ideas for sustainable, profitable business models, which we implement as digital products and web experiences.

The B-works approach


Our competence areas

Venture Building and Business Model Validation

Venture Building and Business Model Validation

We use various strategic management frameworks, including the Innovation Journey, Blue Ocean Strategy, and Lean Start-up, to validate ideas for sustainable, profitable business models. Our focus is on product-market fit in the product and scaling phases.

Venture Builder
Digital Products

Digital Products

We develop customized digital products that validate innovative business models through an MVP and in a second step scale through a sustainable architecture. We use modern web technologies to digitize data and processes, develop Software as a Service (Saas), dashboards, and applications to map business logic.

Development of Digital Products
Web Experiences

Web Experiences

Using Design Thinking and Agile in combination with modern web technologies, from inception to user experience and software development, we develop SEO-optimized web experiences that inspire. We work with best-in-class CMS systems like Drupal to launch ambitious web portals and e-commerce shops.

Full Service Web Development

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