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All you need to make your corporate Drupal website a success. We design, develop and launch your modern Drupal website that is versatile, reliable and user friendly: in under one month and with complete planning security.

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All-included transparent pricing

We don't charge by the hour: we deliver results.

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We follow our proven process to get your website done in under one month. Guaranteed.

Modern Design, Proven User Experience, Friendly CMS

Versatile features, UX best practices and customer support every step of the way.

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Why B-works?

Drupal association organization member b-works

Drupal Association Member

Certified Scrum Product Owner

Best of Swiss Web B-works

Best of Swiss Web

Your Benefits

All-included transparent pricing

We don't charge by the hour: we deliver results.

No hidden fees, no delayed deadlines

Reliability and planning security.

No lengthy bugfixing period

All modules are proven and tested.

Migration support from your current website

Includes SEO and content mapping.

Go-live in under 1 month

Proven process, speed and completion time.

Dedicated customer success manager

Support, progress updates and training.

What we cover

Concept and Ideation

Concept and Ideation

User Experience and Responsive Design

User Experience and Responsive Design

Drupal Web Development, Maintenance and Support

Drupal Web Development, Maintenance and Support


Everything you need to build and scale your corporate Drupal website and grow your business. Our Drupal website includes a powerful suite of pages, features and integrations for a demanding corporate website relaunch.

New Drupal Website

Includes Maintenance
2,950 /month
  • Scalable architecture
  • Premium hosting
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • High performance loading speed
  • Multiple user roles & permissions
  • Custom branding
  • Custom sitemap
  • Versatile theme and functions
  • Drag and drop editor
  • 20+ page types
  • Unlimited new pages
  • News, Career and Team page
  • Forms
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Technical on-page SEO
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Training and onboarding
  • Customer success manager

New Drupal Website +Commerce Shop

Includes Maintenance
3,950 /month + 1.9% on revenues
  • All Drupal Website features, plus
  • Drupal commerce shop
  • Adyen payment integration
  • Order confirmation e-mail
  • PDF invoices
  • My account, with order history
  • Training and onboarding
  • Customer success manager

Drupal Maintenance and Updates

For websites up to 50 pages
595 /month
  • Monthly report
  • Automatic module updates
  • Drupal core updates
  • Automatic security updates
  • SSL renewal
  • Content backup
  • Spam guard
  • Uptime monitoring

Enterprise/ Custom Development

Get quote
  • Special requirements?
  • Need a custom design?
  • Want to own your website?
  • Budget greater than 100,000 €?
  • Need a headless front-end?
  • Need a tailor-made SLA?


Customize and expand your plan.

Drupal Website add-ons

Customize and expand your plan
  • Multi-language (79 €/month)
  • Intelligent search (79 €/month)
  • AA+ Accessibility (89 €/ month)
  • GDPR pop-up (29 €/month)
  • Media management (89 €/ month)
  • Product description pages (349 €/month)
  • Product finder (399 €/month)
  • Downloads with filter (199 €/month)
  • Google Analytics set-up (1.950 €)
  • Conversion tracking set-up (1.950 €)
  • Content Migration (from 2.950 €)
  • SEO Migration (from 950 €)
  • Filling content (79 €/page)

Commerce Shop add-ons

Customize and expand your plan
  • Multiple currencies (79 €/month)
  • Multiple VAT rates (69 €/month)
  • Deals and offers (59 €/month)
  • Guest check-out (39 €/month)
  • CRM integration (from 950 €)

SEO Maintenance add-on

For websites up to 50 pages
299 /month
  • All Drupal Website features, plus
  • Monthly SEO audit
  • Fixing search console errors
  • Check pages for redirects

All plans include

Dedicated customer success manager

An experienced Project Manager to ensure that your new Drupal website is a success.

Proven, Best-practice User Experience and Design

Best-practice usability that attracts clients and converts sales.

Worry-free Maintenance and Updates

Each web design plan includes regular software maintenance and updates, so you don't need to worry about taking care of the IT side of the website.

Basic organic SEO and Analytics

Easy to use Meta tag manager, Google Analytics code and verification, SEO optimized site structure, fast loading speed, sitemap and internal linking.

Unique Branding

Your company branding including logo, colours and images.

Premium Hosting

Your own platform.sh Drupal hosting account, that saves at least 60 €/month.

Our process to go-live in one month

Ideating, designing, building, and bugfixing a best-practice Drupal website used to take 3+ months between multiple parties - no more. B-works helps you create your versatile, complex webpage from migration support to go-live in one month or less. Our process consists of 3 steps:

01 —


Together with your customer success manager you specify your required website pages, functions and branding. We help you to work out the sitemap, user flow and SEO concept.

1 week

02 —


After approving your requirements we develop the website and configure all functions. We provide ongoing progress updates, and all support is included.

3 weeks

03 —


Before going live you receive a training on using the CMS. You can chose to either manually add your content or to book our content migration service. 

1 week

Migrate your site without the headache

B-works offers technical set-up, content migration, and website relaunch services designed to match your business needs. We'll provide everything you need to hit the ground running with your latest Drupal CMS version.

Blog migration

E-mail template rebuilding

SEO migration

Website set-up

Website migration

API and CRM integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Drupal is a powerful open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows to build simple and complex web and mobile solutions. You may compare it to a Lego-kit with different modules that can be combined to build the web and IT system that the project requires. One, amongst the many Drupal modules is Drupal Commerce, the e-commerce module, which allows a very powerful customization of your company’s web-shop.

Drupal allows you to create and accomplish things that most CMSs are not built to do. You may create virtually any website or system you choose, including corporate websites, intranet sites, forums, e-commerce sites, social networking sites, and helpdesk ticketing systems.

Drupal websites are frequently more secure than other CMS-built websites. This is because the Drupal Security Team is extremely active and works diligently to identify and resolve security concerns. Drupal websites may also be made more safe with the use of security modules and correct configuration by a professional development agency.

Tesla.com, Nasa.gov, Stanford.edu, Economist.com, and the Australian Government developed their website with Drupal to give you a sense of the scale, complexity, SEO and security requirements of clients that wish to build on the platform.

Development of a basic Drupal project with little custom development, excluding concept, design and project management, will take between 6 and 8 weeks and cost between 40,000€ and 50,000€. The implementation cost for Drupal sites with extensive custom development, several content types, and complex workflows will exceed 150,000€.

All of this is based on the assumption that you already have a set of well specified design criteria, features, and capabilities. Alternately, you will waste more time and money making adjustments during the project and searching through hundreds of themes and modules to achieve the required appearance and functionality for your Drupal site.

With B-works we bring you all the benefits, functionality and scalability of a large custom Drupal project that would normally cost over 500,000€ at a monthly price starting at 2,950€/ month, including maintenance, ongoing updates and dedicated Customer Success Manager. And if you need to customize your website further, our Drupal team is happy to expand the functionality to suit your needs.

Yes, our process includes a kick-off call with your dedicated Project Manager where we take up your requirements and goals for your organization’s new website or shop. In the first week of the project we will ensure to understand your needs and goals, and translate them into actionable requirements. We will review the graphical sitemap of your new website, including all requirements together and have them signed-off by you, before we start with implementation. This will be the set of acceptance criteria you as a client will use to ensure we implement the website as needed.

Our Drupal website is based on a design that we have developed, iterated on, and improved for user-friendliness, conversion rate, and performance over three years. It is a design that has been shown to attract and convert customers. It is also clear and easy to understand. While design attractiveness is subjective, we have focused on our designs achieving results such as contact requests, product purchases, or job applications. Our design will be adapted to your corporate identity with your company logo and color guidelines.
Should you require a custom design, different from the existing one, we offer a custom design service where you may define and specify your design vision. Please send us a message to enquire.

In the last 10 years, starting with Drupal 7 up to the latest version of Drupal, we have worked on major, custom-Drupal projects with budgets of over 500,000€. For a reference see our case study of Innovative Sensor Technologies. These projects included a major corporate website relaunch, online shop with different currencies and country VAT rates, integration of CRM systems such as SAP, logistics connections, GDPR, multi-country solutions, and complex SEO migrations of over 20,000 pages.

We have taken this experience to build our Drupal website product, which has all the functionalities of a major enterprise Drupal site and can be launched in one month, at the convenient price starting at 2,950 €/ month.

In the first week one full day, split over a kick-off call, a meeting to go through requirements and a meeting to review the sitemap and website concept before implementation.

During implementation, which lasts 3 weeks on average, half a day per week.

In the final week before the go-live, one full day.

Should you chose not to have us do your content migration, additional time needs to be allocated for adding content to your new website.

We will show you a first version of the sitemap and of all features to be implemented before implementation to ensure we develop exactly what you require.

Should you not like the website after go-live, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days, no questions asked.

Yes, training is included in the price with every new Drupal project. We will share the video recording of the training, so you may use it internally.

Yes – for custom requirements, i.e. custom designs, integrations, headless front-end, tailor-made SLA, and any specific needs, we offer our Custom Drupal design and development services. These include a scoping phase of 2-3 weeks to define the new website’s concept, user journey and wireframes together with our Project Manager and Design Thinking coach. Once all requirements are clear and approved, we estimate the implementation of the new website in terms of cost and implementation time.

Please enquire for a custom quote should you have custom requirements.

Of course! We have the option of doing a remote workshop using tools like Miro, and may also schedule a workshop at your company address, or at one of our offices.

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