Full-service development of digital products and business models

About us

Our Vision

To improve people’s lives through innovative solutions.

We strive to innovate by making our solutions better, cheaper, faster and more sustainable than the status quo.

About us

B-works is a venture builder for digital business models, with offices in Zurich and Berlin.

We specialize in the customer-centric development of digital products. We cover the entire digital value chain, from strategy development, user experience design and software development to market validation.

Since 2016, we have been supporting leading corporations, organizations and innovative start-ups with the development of software applications, software as a service (SaaS), websites and apps and have been nominated for our work with the Best of Swiss Web, among others.

As an owner managed company, we have grown to over 50 clients and 24 team members. This success has been achieved with our focus on solutions for our clients - i.e. with our own methods that bring measurable added value to our clients. Because of this added value, our clients are long-term partners.

Our values

Thinking and acting as partners, proactivity, open communication.

B-works works with partners and customers as equals. A relationship as partners is the basis for a successful project. Each team member knows his or her role, contributes his or her talent, and assumes responsibility. From our experience, we know that well-thought-out and sustainable solutions always offer the highest added value.

The B-works values:

  • We are creative, not afraid to make mistakes, but we never make the same mistake twice
  • We pursue our goals with purpose, passion and ambition
  • We improve people's lifes in a sustainable way
  • We have the courage to try the impossible, enjoy a good challenge and commit to reaching our goal
  • We share our thoughts, are honest, and are open to different points of view

Our competences

Strategy, ideation and implementation from one source

Our experts cover the entire digital value chain with their cross-functional experience: (Business) Strategy and Inception, User Experience and Design, Software Development.


  • Innovation Funnel
  • Inception Workshops
  • Business Modelling
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • KPI and Definition of Goals
  • Customer Journey and User Stories
  • Release & Budget Plan


  • Expert Review of Status Quo
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Positioning Statement
  • Customer Personas and Archetypes
  • User Journey
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User Interface (UI) Design


  • Digital Products
  • Custom Software
  • Websites & Platforms
  • E-commerce
  • Front-end: React, VueJS
  • Back-end: Laravel, Drupal


  • Market and Competitive Analysis
  • Lean Start-up Workshops
  • Controlling & KPI Set-up
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Product Market Fit Validation


The B-works guarantee


Completion within the budget and the specified time frame

Through experience from over 50 projects with international clients from a variety of industries, we have developed a proven process that allows us to reliably work out and adhere to cost frameworks and implementation deadlines. We use state of the art reporting tools like Jira and Confluence to monitor all key KPIs during the project.


Dedicated team of experts

We assemble a bespoke team of strategy consultants with industry or start-up experience, product managers, UX & UI designers, and software developers who contribute relevant project experience for each project. We work with Scrum and Mob Programming, i.e., several team members develop and know the entire project. The absences of individual team members do, therefore, not pose a risk.


Ongoing handover and sign-off

Quality assurance and testing are done throughout the project. Work packages are handed over for sign-off on an ongoing basis. This makes the need for a lengthy final acceptance phase obsolete.


Open and transparent communication, monthly reporting

We consider the customer to be a full member of the team. We work and communicate openly and transparently. Potential risks in the project are addressed and dealt with immediately. There is monthly budget reporting of the hours worked.

Why B-works?

We are not just consultants. As Scrum-certified experts, we work in an agile manner and develop customer-oriented digital solutions. In doing so, we draw on both our own specialists and a network of proven experts in their field.

With the B-works Academy, we provide CEOs, decision-makers and interested parties with efficient and hands-on expertise in the areas of innovation-based digitization, implementation of digital business models and design thinking.

Facts and Figures

2 locations
Zurich, Berlin
One-stop shop for a turnkey product: various interdisciplinary teams including strategy, product management, UX & design, development, SEO.
Broad industry experience
50+ clients from industries spanning renewable energy, SaaS, high-tech B2B and sensor technology, automotive, on-demand economy, telecom, sports, food, hospitality & tourism, public sector & Swiss Confederation, universities.
International Team
At B-works, there are 20+ team members from over 10 nationalities.
Business competence
Our experts combine theoretical experience from top 10 universities (including ETH Zurich, London Business School, Harvard) with industry experience in corporations, SMEs, and start-ups.
Start-up and innovation experience
The majority of our experts have either already founded their own company or worked in a start-up.
Scrum certified
Our teams are Scrum-certified and work in an agile manner.
Best of Swiss Web
We have been nominated in several categories, including innovation and business.
Drupal Association Member
As organization members, we are proud sponsors of the Drupal Association.
Tech stack/ employed technologies
ReactJS, Flutter, VueJS, Laravel, Drupal, B-works CMS

We work with ambitious companies

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