Concept, MVP launch, and business model validation from a single source

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The big change

The way we interact with products is changing

More and more, products do not have a physical component. This creates opportunities for new, scalable business models and challenges for the required business, creativity, and technical skills. Today in a short time, innovative business models create with digital products what traditional companies with physical assets needed decades for: with higher profit margins and significantly lower costs. Thanks to software as an asset, digital business models harbor new opportunities to revolutionize entire industries and gain market share. 

Winners and losers

Companies that do not validate their business models with data will lose

The challenge in digital projects is to validate a product on the market well received by customers, with limited resources, and in a short time: product-market-fit. This requires an agile process and a combination of business, user experience, and software competencies. Simultaneously, we must measure data to validate business model hypotheses and target KPIs for the Digital Product before scaling it for the broad market.

Why does the majority of Digital Projects fail?



Concept, MVP launch and validation of the business model from a single source

Strategy and Inception

Strategy and Inception

After an audit of the status quo, we create clarity about the company's strengths and the opportunities on the market with a Lean Inception Workshop. After reviewing an idea funnel, we prioritize and develop a business model. This results in a concept, which we validate in the market with an MVP and data.

User Experience and Design

User Experience and Design

We conceptualize human-centered experiences using Design Thinking to develop user-friendly prototypes. After a prototype is created and validated with real users, we finalize the final responsive designs that work smoothly on all devices.

Software and Web Development

Software and Web Development

Our coders are proud geeks and develop ambitious software, applications, and user-friendly CMS websites using Drupal, Laravel, and WordPress. Our software department is a group of passionate developers who actively deliver innovative solutions and contribute to the business model's success.


Our path to Product-Market-Fit


Lean Inception: Develop a sustainably profitable business model from an idea funnel

  • Audit of status quo incl. internal (strengths and weaknesses) and external (opportunities and threats) factors
  • Blue Ocean Strategy: Idea generation and pre-selection of innovations with high potential and creation of a new market
  • Definition of customer personas and derivation of a customer journey
  • Positioning and creation of a value proposition
  • Definition and sharpening of the business model


Create a concept for the implementation of the product

  • Define target KPIs for validation
  • Define user personas and understand their needs
  • Outline user experience and mock-ups
  • Develop empathetic solutions
  • Create prototypes and validate with lead users
  • Create innovation roadmap with epics, user stories and features of the new product
  • Create documentation for project approval, including budget and timeline


Build the MVP and launch it on the market

  • User experience and design: designing the user experience for all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  • Definition of the software architecture
  • Front- and back-end development of the digital product
  • Development of go-to-market strategy and channels
  • Market launch as beta version for dedicated lead customers


Measure data and validate business model

  • Data controlling and analysis of target KPIs, including conversion rate, customer acquisition cost and derived customer lifetime value
  • Validate customer journey
  • Measure customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score (NPS) and record customer feedback
  • Derive learnings for future improvements and iterations of the product or decide on a pivot based on the KPIs
  • Validate the value hypothesis and decide whether to scale the product in the market

Our approach


Why B-works?


We are full service

From assessing the market for the most suitable product, to developing agile business strategies for lasting success, to implementation and validation on site - we take care of the entire value chain of a digital product.


We are educators

With the B-works Academy, we provide CEOs, decision-makers and interested parties with efficient and hands-on expertise in the areas of innovation-based digitization, implementation of digital business models and design thinking.


We invest and put skin in the game

For selected ventures, we participate through sweat for equity. B-works is involved as an expertise investor in the capital and the risk. 


We treat information confidentially and bring in our experience as founders

We are not only consultants. We are not just implementers. We are experienced entrepreneurs who apply our expertise across industries and take full responsibility for our work.


We network and create opportunities

We connect investors, CEOs, founders, academics, and experts in different industries through our cross-industry network. We are at home in Zurich and Berlin's start-up & corporate ecosystem and draw from an international network. In doing so, we bring together capital, talent, and ambitious founders and companies.

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