At B-works, we partner with you to help you build a successful venture.

Here’s how it works:

We begin by assessing your qualities as a founder.

We expect you to:

  • be well aware of your industry/niche and the problem you’re solving
  • bring a minimum viable network within your industry, which also proves that you know the relevance of the problem you’re solving
  • dedicate ~1 day/week during the idea and pre-product stage, then become full-time as the company grows
  • have a burning desire for your company to succeed

We bring all the other ingredients to the table.

This includes:

  • Evaluating, working out, and designing the business plan for your idea.
  • Helping you to shortlist the most promising idea if you have several ideas.
  • Bringing in our own processes and people to validate your idea, find product-market fit, and then scale it.
  • Setting up a minimum viable company for you before we launch.
  • Proactive matchmaking with investors – you can enter your startup’s KPIs in our dashboard, and the investors automatically get pinged when you hit those KPIs.
  • Providing you with bi-monthly mentorship calls to ensure you’re on the right track.

How much does it cost?

You pay 9k CHF/month which includes:

  • up to 100 hours/week of experts with the skills you need in the relevant phase; i.e. business modelling, market validation, design thinking, software development, growth hacking, or scaling up of the organization.
  • our back-end Octopus, which allows you to hit the ground running, without having to invest time and money in developing a back-end. Octopus is a versatile back-end with a library of common features which most start-ups need and allows us to focus our resources and development efforts into the uniqueness of your product and in solving your customer’s problems, without having to reinvent the wheel on the back-end..
  • 2 hours/month of free mentorship from very high-caliber mentors that get 500 Francs/hour from us.
  • proactive matchmaking with investors.

But 9k is *barely* enough for us to cover these costs. We make money by coming on board with you as a full-fledged partner with 10% equity.

This aligns with our incentives because we only make money if your equity is worth something down the road.

So if you’re selected for the program, you can be sure that we’re 100% behind you.

That’s how we increase your chances of success with our ingredients and structured approach.

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