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Client Lalique Group
Year 2022
Role Web Experience Development
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The Lalique Group is a Swiss company from the luxury goods industry, based in Zurich and Paris, among other places. The challenge for Lalique was to further develop its digital strategy and open up new business areas. At the same time, it lacked the necessary know-how to develop digital products and the associated technical infrastructure.

In order to support Lalique in the development and implementation of its digital strategy, B-works contributed its expertise in the digital field as a sparring partner and acted as a venture building coach.

Together with Lalique's digital team, B-works laid the foundation and co-developed the new digital strategy as well as defined and implemented the new tech stack.

Project category: Venture building consulting, coaching, web development

Title: Firestarter

Client: Lalique Group, Switzerland

Industry: Luxury goods

Objectives: Develop a digital strategy and implementation roadmap to develop and scale new business areas. In addition, support to build up digital working methods and implement a new tech stack to develop future digital products. The project included the following activities:

  • Strategy workshop with the client to develop a digital strategy and implementation roadmap.
  • Team Agility Check Workshop with the complete client team to determine the agile maturity level and identify key competencies in the team.
  • Web Development Landscape workshop with developers to analyze current tech stack and developer competencies.
  • Synthesize and prioritize all findings and derive opportunities and ideas on how to address them.
  • Definition and implementation of the new tech stack for future website development.
  • Introduction of Scrum and development of the first components for the new Lalique Group website.
  • Hands-on coaching of the team in the Scrum methodology.
  • Handover of the backlog to the team for independent development of the new Lalique Group website.

B-works role: Consulting, coaching, project management, software development

Technology: Strapi (Headless CMS), Node.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS

Project scope: 4 months with 5 B-works team members

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Our work

For this project, B-works assembled a team consisting of 2 full-stack developers, a frontend developer, a product owner and a strategy consultant.

The project was split into an analysis phase and an implementation phase and implemented using strategy and coaching methods, as well as Scrum.

Process and tools:

The following factors were critical to the successful and timely implementation of the project:

  • Kick-off meeting to define the project goals and implementation roadmap.
  • Establishment of a synergetic team of 5, consisting of a product owner and two full-stack developers, a front-end developer and a strategy consultant
  • On-site workshops in Zurich and remote workshops with Miro
  • Bi-weekly sprints with sprint reviews, plannings and grooming sessions
  • Weekly progress reports with the client
  • Front-end development with Next.js and Tailwind CSS
  • Website development using Strapi and Node.js
  • Monthly time tracking and budget reporting using Jira & Harvest
  • Agile testing through B-works, ongoing acceptance by the client and parallel bug fixing by the development team

Technologies used:

  • Strapi
  • Node.js
  • Next.js
  • Tailwind
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Key benefits for the client

One of the biggest challenges for the customer was to tackle and structure several complex tasks in parallel. B-works managed to identify the biggest problems through a structural approach and translate them into a visual roadmap.

"This is exactly how I love to work as I am a big advocate of target pictures. I can always come back to it and check if I'm still on the right track to achieve my goals. That was pretty cool!" - Marcel Härtlein, Group Head Digital Lalique

Another valuable aspect was how B-works managed to bring more structure to the development of digital products by introducing agile ways of working to Lalique's digital team. It was extremely helpful how B-works responded to the actual situation and introduced the things that made the most sense in the current situation, says Marcel from Lalique. Especially at the management level, the support in strategic planning added a lot of value. "That was the part I personally got some of the most out of," Marcel noted.

  • Strategy roadmap to implement the digital strategy.
  • Agile Team Health Check, which made visible to the team where they are right now in terms of agile competencies.
  • Process Accountability Chart, which identified the most important processes in the team and made them transparent.
  • Scrum, which was introduced to the team as an agile approach to product development.
  • Definition and implementation of the new tech stack that now enables Lalique to efficiently develop and scale new products.
  • Implementation in 4 months, within budget and planned milestones.
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