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CLIENT Cosmobutler
YEAR 2020
ROLE UX Design, Software and Web Application Development
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In March 2020, Cosmobutler was relaunched as an online marketplace for household services. A completely redesigned online presence with a new order process and online shop now allows users to enter their zip code and select a service provider based on customer ratings, price, and other criteria. The first services to go live were apartment cleaning, removal cleaning, window cleaning, textile cleaning, and carpet cleaning - the latter with pick-up and delivery service in the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

Client: Cosmobutler Marketplace

Project Category: Digital Product and Web Experience

Industry: B2C Internet Marketplace

Objectives: Relaunch of the brand new marketplace with a fresh User Experience and Design, CRM for managing orders and a logistics app for delivery management. The existing CI, especially the visual language, prevented the client from being perceived as an innovative and unique company. The objectives included:

  • Business model ideation
  • Portraying a fresh image as an innovative, friendly and approachable marketplace
  • User friendly marketplace for end customers
  • Customer acquisition strategy through digital marketing combined with A/B testing of landing pages
  • Scalable CRM for customer service
  • Order management and delivery application for service providers

B-Works role:
Strategy and Ideation, User Experience and User Interface Design, Front- and Back-end Development


  • Marketplace: AngularJS Front-end, Laravel Back-end with RESTful API
  • Website: Drupal 8 CMS
  • Payment gateway: Stripe

Project size:
200+ days, with 6 B-works team members

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Our work

B-works is the CTO of Cosmobutler and has accompanied the startup from the initial phase through growth to an established organization in German-speaking Switzerland. In the role of CTO, B-works supports Cosmobutler with a product owner as an intermediary between business requirements and technological functions. B-works is in charge of software engineering through its Front and Back-end development teams. Subject-specific experts also handle SEO and marketing tasks.
Cosmobutler is an exciting opportunity for B-works to combine Lean Startup with Design Thinking and Agile Development. It involves a broad range of team members with their respective talents and skills, and draws from experience from developing a Web Experience with an advanced Content Management System (Drupal 8), combined with developing a Digital Product from scratch including Business Model Ideation, User experience, software development (AngularJS and Laravel) and business model validation.


Process and tools:

The following factors were crucial to the successful and timely implementation of this project:

  • Use of Lean StartUp principles to ideate a Business Model and develop a value hypothesis
  • Prioritizing and testing new functionality through MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) before launching at a larger scale
  • Developing 6 customer personas for each of Cosmobutler's target customer typologies, resulting in UX requirements for content, design, and functionality of the website and app
  • Creating responsive design using Figma in close coordination with developers to ensure technical feasibility
  • Weekly goal and status reviews between Cosmobutler founder and the B-works team
  • Weekly sprints with sprint retrospectives, reviews and planning
  • Front-end and back-end development
  • Continuous bi-weekly release of product increments
  • Ongoing customer surveys and reviews with feedback and improvements in future releases
  • Monthly time and progress tracking with Jira
  • Monthly review of analytics and ongoing SEO and conversion optimization based on analytics data
  • User testing, fine tuning of customer personas, user experience design (UX) and iterating of the customer journey

    Technologies employed:
  • Angular JS, Laravel
  • Drupal 8 CMS
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Key Benefits for the Client

The key challenge in the Cosmobutler project was to develop a user-friendly Digital Product that would integrate seamlessly and meet the needs of the three main stakeholders:

  • The web platform and marketplace app - which allow customers to order Cosmobutler services easily and quickly.
  • The SAAS IT system - which lets service providers manage and fulfill their orders, including sending automated invoices and reminders and generating sales statistics.
  • The driver app - which enables couriers to scan received and delivered shipments and provides all the information needed for deliveries and pick-ups, including track and trace.
  • Continuous increase of the Conversion Rate after each new A/B testing cycle

Overachievement of the SEO targets with Cost per conversion 80% lower than planned, relevant customer traffic 40% higher than planned, and becoming a market leader in impression market share (market share of ads) on search engines in Switzerland

Delivery within the budget and deadline 6 months after the start of the project

Increased scalability (i.e. automation of the IT platform for Cosmobutler service providers) and reduced number of payment delays

User-friendly CMS with Drupal 8, which allows the client to easily add and manage a variety of service landing pages and content types

Simple to use service provider app, which allows managing orders and resources on any device, including pick-up and delivery

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Best of Swiss Web

Nominated for the Best of Swiss Web Award 2020
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