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Pippo's Mountain Lodge

CLIENT Pippo's Mountain Lodge
YEAR 2021
ROLE Design, Web Development, SEO
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Project category: Web Experience

TitlePippo's Mountain Lodge Website Launch

Client: A modern mountain lodge combining a bespoke Dolomites experience with a tour of the senses through its Suites, Spa and Dining.

Industry: Hospitality and Tourism

Objectives: To launch a new website as the primary revenue generator for the lodge within the defined budget and by the opening date, 9 months after project start. Individual goals of the project included:

  • Developing a business strategy that encloses the Vision, Customer Experience and Service of the Mountain Lodge across offline and online channels
  • Defining the Product Vision and Customer Personas
  • Creating a general Concept of the Service Offering of Pippo's across both online and offline channels using Design Thinking
  • Developing the Brand of the new Pippo's Mountain Lodge for offline and online applications
  • Developing the User Experience and User Interface of the new website
  • Developing the new website using the Content Management System WordPress
  • Implementing technical and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) in German, Italian and English
  • Integrating the external Booking Engine simplebooking
  • Connecting external data collection tools and Google Analytics, as well as tracking the conversions (e.g. bookings, requests, phone calls) via Google Analytics Events
  • Launching the new website within 9 months

B-works role: Branding, Research and Ideation using Design Thinking, UX & UI, WordPress development, On-page SEO

Technology: State of the art performance, accessibility and CMS WordPress

Project size: 100+ days with 5 team members at B-works

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Our work

B-works tackled this comprehensive project - which required 9 team members, including 5 from B-works, a branding agency, the client, and a copywriting agency - by first putting together the B-works team with the right skills and experience.

The strategy and ideation team consisted of a Design Thinking Coach and a Senior UX/ UI Designer, who were in charge of ideating and developing the User Experience and Design, based on a previously developed Strategy over two Lean Inception Workshops with the client.

The website was developed by two full-stack software developers with over 7 years of WordPress experience. The SEO and analytics was managed by a senior product owner who  oversaw the branding, content creation and translation by our external partners, and managed the overall project using the agile framework Scrum.


Process and tools:

The following factors were decisive for the successful and timely implementation of this project:

  • Kick-off meeting with the client to define the project goals and KPIs (conversion rate, customer aquisition cost) to be achieved
  • Splitting the project in three phases with respective goals: Strategy – defining the goals and how we are going to achieve them, Concept – researching the market, understanding prospective customer needs and validating a visual concept with test users, Implementation – based on the Concept, develop the User Experience, Design and Website to cater to our target audience
  • Building a team of five, consisting of a senior product owner, a design thinking coach, a senior UX/UI designer and two full-stack software developers
  • Managing external branding, content and translation agencies
  • Bi-monthly progress reports with the client
  • Sprint review, retrospective and planning every two weeks
  • Website development with the Content Management System WordPress
  • Monthly on-site meetings with the client
  • Monthly time, progress and budget reporting with Jira
  • Agile testing and bugfixing, ongoing testing and validation
  • Conversion rate optimization based on analyzed KPIs and data tracking

Technologies employed:

  • PHP
  • WordPress content management system (CMS)
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Key Benefits for the Client

B-works's main challenges in this project were to create a sustainable business strategy and a unique customer experience in the highly competitive Hospitality market South Tyrol in the Dolomites, with over 5,000 highly service-oriented hotels.

Crucial for the more than 125% above market booking rate, compared to other hotels in the region, and ultimately the success of the website launch as the Lodge's primary revenue tool was a combination of factors. To combine and align Business Strategy, Marketing, Analytics, User Experience, and modern technology to tailor the offering to a clearly defined audience of guests. This included a continuous process of finding message market fit and iterations of conversion rate optimization on the website.

125% more bookings, a conversion rate of 4.5% compared to the industry average for hotel websites of 2%

More time every day, IT, booking, and marketing solution on auto-pilot that saves Pippo's countless hours managing and checking on their marketing activities

Delivery within the budget and deadline, nine months after the start of the project

On-page SEO and analytics for optimal visibility on search engines and creation of custom analytics dashboards

User-friendly CMS with WordPress, which allows the client to easily add new website content (text, images, videos), and to edit the existing one

Seamless integration with Booking Engine and Property Management System through APIs that connect with simplebooking and the PMS Asa

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