Web Experience & Drupal Development


YEAR 2018
ROLE UX/UI, Web Development with Drupal, SEO, Application Development
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Project category: Web Experience

TitlePistor Website Relaunch

Client: The leading Swiss B2B supplier for bakeries, restaurants and nursing homes, based in Rothenburg.

Industry: B2B consumer goods, Hospitality

Objectives: Relaunch of the corporate website as a Drupal 8 web platform with improved UX for clients by merging three old websites (over 20,000 pages) into one. Individual goals of the project included:

  • Setting up a content management system (CMS) with Drupal 8
  • Custom application development, including event registration
  • Integration of the frontend and backend with a RESTful API
  • Implementation of technical and on-page search engine optimization (SEO) in German and French
  • Migration of two old domains to include them in the new website
  • Connection of external data collection tools and Google Analytics, as well as tracking the conversions (e.g. banner clicks) via Google Analytics Events
  • Relaunch of the website within 6 months

B-works role: Drupal development, CMS user experience, application development

Technology: CMS Drupal 8, RESTful API to a headless Front-End

Project size: 200+ days with 6 team members at B-works

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Our work

B-works tackled this comprehensive project - which required over 20 team members, including 6 from B-works, a frontend agency, the client, and a copywriting agency - by first putting together the B-works team with the right skills and experience.

The backend team consisted of a senior product owner and two senior full-stack developers with over 10 years of Drupal experience. The team for content, SEO and analytics was composed of a senior product owner and two SEO and content management specialists with respective expertise. The project management and execution were carried out with Scrum by these two individual project teams at B-works.

Process and tools:

The following factors were decisive for the successful and timely implementation of this project:

  • Kick-off meeting to define the project goals and KPIs to be achieved
  • Building a team of six, consisting of a senior product owner, two senior full-stack developers, two SEO experts, and a content management specialist
  • Weekly progress reports with the customer and the frontend agency
  • Weekly sprints with sprint review, retrospective and planning
  • Backend development with Drupal 8
  • Monthly on-site meetings with the client and the staff of the Pistor core team
  • Monthly time reporting with Jira
  • Agile testing by the content team and parallel bugfixing by the backend team

Technologies employed:

  • PHP
  • Drupal 8 content management system (CMS)
  • Drupal 8 backend development
  • RESTful API to a headless Front-End
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Key Benefits for the Client

The main challenges that B-works faced in this project were the gathering of information from over 20 team members (distributed among external agencies and the client) and the alignment to a joint go-live date. The parallel testing during the creation of websites with individually developed modules and agile bugfixing enabled the optimization of throughput times and ultimately led to a punctual go-live.

Delivery within the budget and deadline, 6 months after the start of the project

On-page SEO and analytics for optimal visibility on search engines and creation of custom analytics dashboards

User-friendly CMS with Drupal 8, which allows the client to easily manage large media sets and over 20,000 pages

Seamless integration with external APIs and existing legacy applications

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