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Client Simpley
Year 2023
Role Venture Building
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Simpley is an AI-based hotel website and marketing tool that offers a modern, mobile-first website for hotels with under 50 rooms.

The value proposition for these hotels includes a fully functional 30-day free trial with no credit card required. Simpley helps hotel owners market their properties and manage all their bookings in one place, with an intuitive website editor that allows them to add and edit text and images without IT knowledge.

The booking engine includes simple booking, best price guarantee, an intelligent calendar, unlimited room categories, and multiple currencies. Simpley offers unlimited OTA channels, increasing online visibility and avoiding overbooking through the channel manager. Hotels can choose from over 80 PMS integrations, connecting their Simpley website and marketing to their existing PMS.

With Simpley, hotels can focus on what they love while Simpley takes care of their website and marketing. The value proposition for hotels with under 50 rooms is to receive a complete IT, booking, and marketing solution on autopilot, saving countless hours of management and control of their marketing agency. Additionally, Simpley offers a 50% reduction in costs, costing €299 monthly compared to a large investment in website, design, SEO, content, translations, channel manager, and analytics. Simpley boasts a a superior conversion rate compared to the industry average for hotel websites of 2%, resulting in 55% more bookings. Simpley's modern website and marketing tools enable hotels to increase their online visibility and drive more bookings at a lower cost, making it an ideal solution for hotel owners with under 50 rooms.

Project category: SaaS Product Development

Title: Simpley

Client: Simpley, a B-works Portfolio Company

Industry: B2B, SaaS, Hotel

Objectives: Develop a hotel website and marketing SaaS product that provides a website builder, booking engine, and an easy-to-use UX/UI for low cost. Development of the Simpley website and SaaS product. The project included the following activities:

  • Ideation with 4 B-works team members
  • Validation with newly acquired Simpley clients
  • Product development: Development of the Simpley website and SaaS product
  • Marketing: Developing a go-to-market strategy focusing on early adopters first and then expanding to a broader market
  • Scaling: Hiring a team of co-founders and early employees, setting up company structures and operations for growth

B-works role: Discovery, SaaS product development, Business Model Validation, Marketing, Scaling

Technology: Laravel, VueJS

Project size: 12 months with 6 B-works team members

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Our work

B-works embarked on this venture by conducting an in-depth user analysis to fully comprehend the needs, pain points, and expectations of small hotel owners, as well as identify the gaps in current market solutions. This valuable insight laid the foundation for Simpley, a product tailored to the requirements of small hotel owners, offering an exceptional user experience.

Our team crafted a visually stunning, user-friendly platform that enables hotel owners to set up a professional website in mere minutes. We took charge of developing the product's user interface, website builder, website templates, and the website. Moreover, we carried out extensive user testing to guarantee a flawless experience for hotel owners.

B-works also offered vital go-to-market support for, encompassing branding, content creation, and marketing strategy. We created a brand identity that genuinely represents the product's value proposition and designed a website that highlights its features and benefits. Furthermore, we devised marketing campaigns and content that effectively convey the product's value and resonate with the target audience.

Process and Tools:

  • Kick-off meeting to define project goals and functionality to be achieved.
  • Formation of a synergistic team of 6, comprising a venture architect, product manager, UX/UI designer, two developers, and a growth hacker
  • Discovery workshops to develop product vision, create personas, identify pain points and needs, and outline customer journeys
  • Design phase involving the development of low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups for the website and its components
  • Bi-weekly sprints with sprint reviews, plannings, and grooming sessions

  • Bi-weekly progress reports with client after sprint reviews

  • Product Development with Azure, Laravel, VueJS

  • Test-driven development

Technologies employed:

  • Laravel
  • Vue
  • Azure
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Key Benefits for the Client

B-works' contributions to yield these significant advantages:

  1. Automated Website creation with a click: generates the website including content (images, text, rooms, prices and reviews) automatically, bypassing the need for technical expertise or agency assistance.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: delivers a user-centric experience that simplifies website creation and management for hotel owners.
  3. Effective Go-to-Market Strategy: B-works supplied extensive branding, content creation, and marketing strategy support, successfully conveying's value to the target audience.

In summary, B-works developed a comprehensive solution for that revolutionizes the way small hotel owners create and maintain professional websites. The product's user-friendly interface, and effective go-to-market strategy result in a seamless experience for hotel owners, amplifying their online presence and attracting new customers. We take pride in our involvement in this project and eagerly anticipate the continued success of

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