Revolutionizing Employee Feedback with Smart-fed Web Application


Client Smart-fed
Year 2021
Role Ideation, UX/UI, SaaS, Custom Software Development
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For the launch of the start-up Smart Fed (Switzerland), we developed a revolutionary feedback application that enables employees to anonymously evaluate a range of topics in their company, ranging from superiors, work environment, strategy to personal development perspectives.

The application includes a separate management and data analytics dashboard and cockpit for administrators and managers for evaluating all feedback data with which improvement measures can be implemented in the company. Subsequently, an order process was developed which, when connected to Salesforce CRM and payment provider Stripe, enables Smart Fed to be purchased as Software as a Service (SAAS).

Project category: Digital Product

Title: Smart-fed employee feedback application

Client: smart-fed AG, Switzerland

Industry: HR and SAAS

Objectives: Development of a feedback web application for desktop and mobile, an admin dashboard and a management cockpit. Subsequent development of an order process to purchase SaaS employee licenses for Smart-fed as a company, including automatic creation of the user instance. The project goals included:

  • Market research, ideation and user experience (UX) design
  • Development of the web application for desktop and mobile to give feedback, change feedback within 24 hours and re-evaluate feedback every 3 months
  • Development of the admin dashboard for the administration of feedback recipients, topics and criteria, for setting up the organizational structure and for importing employees
  • Development of the management cockpit including statistics with dimensions of the time axis, feedback topic and feedback origin, including filter logic
  • Development of a database including security concept and anonymity logic for the administration of customer instances
  • Order process to acquire Smart-fed employee licenses
  • Connection to Salesforce as CRM for customers
  • Connection to Stripe as a payment provider for credit card payments
  • Implementation of a secure login with 2FA (2-factor authentication)

B-works role: Ideation, Strategy, UX/UI Design, Software Development

Technology: Laravel (backend), Angular 6 (desktop frontend), Ionic (mobile frontend), Sass (shared style sheets between desktop and mobile), Cypress (testing automation for business logic)

Project size: 400+ days with 5 B-works team members

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Our work

For this project, B-works put together the Scrum Development Team, consisting of a UX Designer, 3 Full-Stack Developers and a Senior Scrum Product Owner.
The project was handled with Scrum from ideation to development and go-live.

Process and Tools:

The following factors were decisive for the successful and timely implementation of the project:

  • Kick-off meeting to define the project goals and the functionality to be achieved
  • Building a synergetic team of 5, consisting of a senior product owner, a UX designer and three full-stack developers
  • Weekly sprints with sprint review, retrospective and planning
  • Weekly progress reports with the client after the sprint review
  • Backend development with Laravel
  • Front-end development with Angular 6 (desktop) and Ionic (mobile)
  • Monthly time recording and budget reporting with Jira
  • Agile testing by B-works, ongoing acceptance by the client, and parallel bugfixing by the development team

Technologies employed:

  • Laravel
  • Angular 6
  • Ionic
  • Saas (shared style sheets between desktop and mobile)
  • Cypress (Testing Automation for Business Logic)
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Key Benefits for the Client

The main challenge in this project was the creation of a new feedback tool, with an absolute anonymity logic, which did not exist in this form before. The aim was that on one hand, employees should be able to give their feedback completely anonymously. On the other, management should be able to graphically evaluate the anonymous feedback in terms of topic, origin and change over time using a statistics cockpit. To ensure this, together with the client we developed and implemented an anonymity rule. This displayed feedback from a department or team as soon as at least three employees from this team had given their feedback. And for an added level of anonymity, the feedback could only be filtered cumulatively over a minimum period of one week.

In order to maintain anonymity, employee feedback is not saved in the database with the employee's name. Therefore, neither our application developers nor the administrator in the company have access to the identity of the feedback provider.

  • Scalable feedback app, which is distributed as Software as a Service (SAAS).
  • Intuitive admin dashboard that allows HR managers to manage the allowed feedback questions, employees and departments in the company.
  • Simple and transparent management and statistics cockpit that graphically displays employee feedback to decision makers while maintaining anonymity and showing the impact of actions (improvement/deterioration) over time.
  • SAAS order process that triggers the generation of new instances and automatic license payments by connecting to payment provider Stripe and Salesforce CRM.
  • Delivery within budget and go-live date, 14 months after project start.
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