Coporate Website with Drupal

Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen

Client Kantonspital St. Gallen
Year 2023
Role Digital Experience, Web Development
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The Challenge

The journey to parenthood can be complicated and emotionally draining, especially for couples struggling with fertility issues. YUNA, a fertility center rooted in the heart of St. Gallen, Switzerland, and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen, understood this and sought to amplify their digital reach, connecting with more aspiring parents. 

YUNA, formerly "Fiore Praxis AG," tasked B-works, a leading Drupal development agency in Zurich, with a comprehensive Drupal-driven website overhaul. The mission? To craft a visually engaging, easy-to-navigate, and highly accessible online platform that mirrors YUNA's commitment to delivering compassionate and cutting-edge fertility support.

Project categoryWeb Development with Drupal, SEO Optimization, Website Analytics

TitleYUNA Kinderwunschzentrum

ClientKantonsspital St. Gallen


B-works role: Discovery, Web Experience Design, Web Development, SEO & Analytics Set-up

Technology: Drupal 9 (CMS), Drupal Layout Builder

Project scope: 6 months with 5 B-works team members

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Our Solution

B-works rallied a seasoned Drupal development team to this cause, delivering a Drupal 9 website that not only looked great but also catered to the unique needs of YUNA's diverse clientele. Key components of our solution included:

  • A revamped CMS for improved content management.
  • A seamless integration of Drupal Layout Builder, enhancing page creation with predefined components.
  • Enhanced search functionality, leading users to relevant content swiftly.
  • Secure contact form integration, ensuring all communications between YUNA and its clients remain confidential.
  • Comprehensive SEO optimisation for boosted online visibility.
  • Detailed analytics setup via Google Analytics 4 and Microsoft Clarity, providing insights to track performance and guide further site improvements.
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The Process

Our Scrum team, consisting of a product manager, a backend developer, a frontend developer, and an analytics expert, approached this project with a focus on user experience and functionality. Over six months, our team engaged in bi-weekly sprints, punctuated by meticulous review, planning, and grooming sessions.

Our agile development process ensured ongoing client acceptance, swift resolution of bugs, and consistent project updates. With the aid of Jira and Harvest, we facilitated seamless budget reporting and time tracking, ensuring transparency and adherence to project timelines and cost.

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The Outcome

B-works' meticulous approach culminated in a sleek, intuitive, and content-rich platform that resonated with YUNA's ethos and its audience's needs.

Our Drupal development efforts not only revitalized YUNA's online presence but also turned their website into a strategic asset, catalyzing their digital strategy. Our work equipped YUNA with a platform that offers:

  • A mobile-first design, ensuring responsiveness on all devices.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop layout builder for easy page creation.
  • Enhanced search functionality for easy content discovery.
  • A new contact form for effortless communication.
  • Comprehensive analytics to track and measure performance, enabling data-driven decisions for ongoing site improvement.

The successful deployment of this project, completed within the projected timeline and budget, underscores B-works' dedication to delivering customer-centric Drupal web solutions, cementing our reputation as a leading Drupal development agency in Zurich.

Through our unique blend of Drupal expertise, agile methodology, and keen understanding of YUNA's vision, we transformed their website into an effective digital tool that serves both the center and their clients, aiding their path to parenthood.

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