Early-stage startups need to validate message-market fit early on.

Here’s why:

The longer it takes to find product-market fit, the more money you burn. So you want to get there as early as possible.

The 1st step is to check if your messaging – that you’ll use in your marketing campaigns or when telling someone about your product – resonates in as few sentences as possible, in an easy-to-understand language.

This is called message-market fit.

You do this before you even start developing the product because you want to minimize risk.

To get to message-market fit as early as possible, you can run different tests.

For example, you might run different Facebook campaigns to see the response rate.

According to the best practice, if you get a 15-30% response rate, you know that you’ve found the message-market fit.

After you’ve seen resonance in your message about how you’ll solve users’ problems in the near future, you can move on to developing the product.


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