Why I founded B-works

Here’s the story of why I decided to launch B-works and the startup-as-a-service program:

The story begins with my 1st startup Cosmobutler – which was a digital marketplace for home services.

Although I had experience in business modeling and venture building with over 50 projects from previous jobs at large corporations, I didn’t know anything about digital.

So I did the most obvious thing as a startup founder – getting a technical co-founder. When that didn’t work out, I tried to go the agency route, an even bigger headache. We’d often run into issues because they just did what I asked them to without understanding the vision and bringing any technical expertise to the table.

I had to redo the website over 5 times with different agencies, which cost 50-100k each time. I still remember having a call with an agency on my birthday when they told me, “The way it is right now, you’ll have to spend another ~100k, and you won’t be able to launch for another 3-6 months.”

I had similar bad experiences working with agencies in other business areas, like design and marketing. It was a big frustration for me. And I found that other founders struggled with the same, even at the later stages.

That’s why I decided to create a startup-as-a-service program as my next venture that brings in all the ingredients to help a founder succeed.

I didn’t want us to be an agency, so B-works comes in as a full-fledged partner with 10% equity. That aligns our incentives because we make money only if you succeed and your equity is worth something down the road.


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