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Portfolio Company Webcare
Year 2023
Role Ideation, Digital Product Development, Venture Building
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Webcare, a spin-off portfolio company of B-works, was developed as a solution to the pain point of website maintenance for B-works clients. Many clients experienced unexpected bugs, downtimes, and headaches due to the lack of maintenance by their agencies. Webcare was designed as an all-in-one, worry-free SaaS product that provides structured, high-quality, and automated website maintenance. With defined quality criteria, proactive maintenance, and automation, Webcare offers high uptimes and a lean-back maintenance on autopilot.

Webcare’s SaaS product is the perfect solution for businesses that need to ensure the optimal performance of their websites. With its reliable, automated, and proactive maintenance services, Webcare allows businesses to focus on their core operations while their website remains in top condition.

Project category: SaaS product development

Title: Webcare

Client: Webcare, a B-works spin-off portfolio company

Industry: B2B, SaaS

Objectives: Develop a fully automated SaaS product that provides high-quality maintenance, uptime, and technical on-page SEO. Development of the Webcare website and SaaS product. The project included the following activities:

  • Ideation with 5 B-works team members
  • Validation with 5 existing B-works clients
  • Product development: Development of the Webcare website and SaaS product
  • B-works role: Discovery, SaaS product development, marketing
  • Technology: Laravel, VueJS Project scope: 4 months with 5 B-works team members
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Our work

For this project, B-works assembled a Scrum team consisting of a product owner, a UX/UI designer, a backend developer, a frontend developer, and a test engineer. The project was divided into a discovery phase, a design phase, an implementation phase, and parallel go-to-market, and was implemented using Scrum methodology.

Process and Tools:

The following factors were critical to the successful and timely implementation of the project:

  • Kick-off meeting to define project goals and functionality to be achieved.
  • Establishment of a synergistic team of 5, consisting of a product owner, UX/UI designer, and three developers
  • Discovery workshops to develop product vision, develop personas, define pain points and needs, create customer journeys
  • Design phase to develop low-fidelity and high-fidelity mockups of the website and its components
  • Bi-weekly sprints with sprint reviews, plannings and grooming sessions
  • Bi-weekly progress reports with client after sprint reviews
  • Product Development with Laravel and VueJS
  • Test-driven development

Technologies employed:

  • Laravel
  • VueJS
  • Webflow
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Key Benefits for the Client

Webcare’s SaaS product offering provides the following features for the technologies: Laravel, Drupal, Strapi, WordPress, and Symfony.

  • Uptime monitoring: Webcare monitors website vitals in real-time and is aware of any downtimes within 1 minute, enabling quick reactions.
  • Proactive bug fixing: Webcare proactively fixes bugs and handles downtimes before clients even know they have occurred.
  • Automated reports: Clients receive a monthly report confirming that their maintenance was done, including a checklist of all performed checks, tasks, updates, and fixes.
  • Module/plugin updates: Webcare ensures that websites are up to date with the latest module and plugin versions, ensuring proper functionality.
  • Security updates: Webcare prevents website data from being exposed to unauthorized users and ensures that websites are not exploited in any way.
  • SEO maintenance: Webcare inspects errors and warnings in Google Search Console and fixes them so that clients' SEO stays healthy.

How it works:

  1. Create account: Sign up for one of Webcare’s maintenance plans. You will receive a link to schedule your onboarding call.

  2. Provide website access: During a video onboarding call, Webcare will show clients what access they need to take over their maintenance. Clients retain ownership of their website access at all times.

  3. Lean back while we maintain your website: Webcare takes over clients' website maintenance, updates, and proactive bug-fixing within 5 business days. Clients can lean back knowing that takes care of their website.

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