How you limit risk and define a worst case budget for your start-up

Everyone tells you to have a worst-case budget for your startup.

But the problem is that as a 1st-time founder, you don’t have enough experience to plan out the worst case.

For example, how do you know if and when you should let go certain people you’ve hired when things aren’t going well or hang on to them because it might still work out?

That’s where we come in with our startup-as-a-service program at B-works.

The way it works is you commit to a 6-month budget of 9k CHF/month – which is roughly 50k.

With this, you get all the ingredients to:

  • validate the message and business model
  • find product-market fit
  • build your product
  • go live in the market

Another way you can de-risk is by keeping your job while we take your idea through the initial stages, such as finding message-market fit and validating it with inputs and feedback from the market.

Only once it’s confirmed that it’s worth investing more budget, do you take the next steps, like hiring a product team or renting an office space.

That’s how we bring in a structured process to ensure that you stay within the worst-case budget of 50k until you have market validation and are ready to scale.


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